Cares for burns with NO COMPROMISE

Multipurpose burn protection for pre-hospital use

Silvapro is an innovative dressing that combines the key benefits of cooling and antibacterial protection in a single solution.1 Strong, dry, lightweight and low-volume, Silvapro is convenient to carry in the field and adaptable for use in any emergency burn situation.

Silvapro Burn Dressing Silvapro Product

Gels on wetting to cool and soothe burns fast

  • On wetting, Silvapro creates a soft cohesive gel that intimately conforms to the wound surface.
  • Fluid held in the gel provides a rapid cooling effect and helps relieve pain from burn wounds.1, 2, 3
  • This cooling effect can be sustained for extended periods if needed by repeat wetting of the dressing.
  • Silvapro also offers a high capacity for wound fluid absorption and effectively manages exudate.
Silvapro Graph of Skin Temperature over Time

Protect with ionic Silver antibacterial action

  • Silvapro provides an effective barrier against contamination while Silver ions in the dressing directly destroy bacteria.
  • Silvapro continues to kill bacteria for up to 7 days in the case of prolonged field care or extended transfer times.
  • The moist environment created in the dressing also helps patients' wound to debride.
Silvapro Graph of Log Count Over Time

The no compromise choice for any medic's bag

  • Multipurpose - cooling (when gelled with water) and antibacterial1
  • Sustained cooling for 4 hours
  • Effective antibacterial action for 7 days
  • Use wet or dry
  • Available as a dressing and wrap to treat different sized burn areas
  • Compatible with pre-hospital burn care protocols
  • Packs small (low cube)
  • Easy one-piece removal

Silvapro 5ft Sterile Burn Wrap
Product code: FG08825181

Silvapro 5" x 9" Sterile Burn Dressing
Product code: FG08825191

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